Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Drinji Ikari Post

Greetings all.  Drin here, trying to steal some of Jimmy's work from him. I never use computers or else I would be on here posting and doing those sorts of things.  I'm dog sitting for the week/weekend, goofing off, playing too much DayZ, and trying to do some internet shit while I'm here.  I'm sure Jimbo keeps things updated rather well, but just for the sake of feeling important...I'll do my best.

Who are willing to draw close LP will be here next month...crazy.  We are all so stoked. Nevin is the fucking best.  If you haven't go check out IFB records and support something that's deserves support.

Tour is coming along.  That's mostly Jim's beast, on account of my lack of networking ability's/people skills.
Thank glob for band dads.

upcoming show in Lansing.
epic flyer by Steven

Other than that awesome junk, Ive been (attempting) to catalog every release ive ever been apart of on my blog, with downloads and all that.  I actually got more done than I thought I would. At least 2006-2012.   Don't know if ill go farther back than that.  Maybe I will find some funny ones and post them(TPS).
 Though I could'nt get a hold of Quietus.  So whoever has the artwork and tracks, send them to me!
SO, if you feel so inclined, there is a separate section on my blog with all of those.  Also will be adding more stuff and things this week.

Its getting colder, the leaves will begin to fall, and we will begin to record the next record.
Winter always seems to be good to us, musically that is.
Very eager.
I probably won't post again for another six months.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

This has been my command center for the past 2 days, probably about 20 hours. Dual computers for emailing, updating blogs, tour routing, Photoshop for the LP, Photoshop for the art book. Phone to call, text, inform folks of all these ridiculous happenings. I also uploaded 3 gigs of info from my phone to the computer.  A puppy to watch my back for safety purposes.  I am the multitasking god!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Exciting news

Howdy folks! There is a bit of new information that needs to be relayed to y'all! First we have an LP coming out tentatively in October. Our friend Nevin from ifb records has been so kind to put it out for us! We're super stoked about this, and we're going to include a fun little art book with it. Thus far we have 5 or so pieces but there are several people working on things to go in it.  We also are going on tour from December 26th to January 6th. It's the most time we will be able to get out until next summer due to everyone's schedules. We also haven't stopped writing new music and we now have 4 new songs and another one in process. We are nearly out of debt which means we may be able to get you these new songs sooner than expected. Stay in touch there will be more news soon as everything develops. Until next time be excellent to each other and... Party on dudes! - Honest Abe